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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Reseller Agency License Work?

When you purchase ZooWarrior Silver Reseller Agency License, you'll get 100% front end offer commission then 50% commission for the OTO's as ZooWarrior Affiliate.

When you purchase ZooWarrior Plantium Reseller Agency License, you'll get 100% commission for the entire funnel as ZooWarrior Affiliate.

  • When can I start implementing this product?

You can start selling the product after 3rd July 2017.  Use it to start building your own instant commissions.

  • What Should I Do When I Get A New Customer?

Our software well take all the account creation for your customer, and well be helping you take care all the technical support issues.

  • Is it easy to set up?

Yes, ZooWarrior Reseller Agency Accounts are already set up, after manual commission adjustment typically within just 48 hours. You just need to send traffic through your affiliate link and start selling software.


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