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Hey, Han Fan here and I want to tell you something — I’ve made over $900,000 from affiliate marketing in the past 6 years…

… and I know for a fact

… review websites are one of the BEST ways to GET tons of traffic and easy sales these days.

With your own review site, you can rank in Google for all kinds of long tail keywords, build your list, promote offers, and build a real money—making asset you can keep or sell, whenever you want.

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Building A High Converting, Traffic Getting Review Website Is Hard Work!

Sure, ANYONE can install a WordPress blog these days… but it’s a whole different story creating a review website that rakes in free traffic, commissions AND builds your list like crazy.

Without the technical, design and copywriting skills, your review website is dead in the water.

In fact…

It Took Me Years To Figure It Out…

It looks easy on the surface - but believe me, it’s hard work. There’s just so many variables.

So many skills. And so much TIME. (It can take days, even WEEKS just to modify a crappy theme so it does what you need it to.)

I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars and spent years mastering the art and science behind an effective affiliate review website… and today…

I Know Exactly What It Takes To Create A Profitable Affiliate Review Website…

I know the right layout, link positioning, style, content - the complete formula that works like crazy for pulling in traffic from Google, pre-selling people like crazy on my offers, and getting my affiliate links clicked, and making easy, passive commissions.

Sure, I could TEACH you this stuff… or I could just GIVE YOU a ready-made affiliate review website that’s custom built with my proven traffic and money-getting formula built in…

… saving you years of trial and error, and potentially thousands of wasted dollars.


Han Fan’s Ready-Made
“RAINMAKER” Affiliate Review Website

Premium, trust-winning website

Build instant trust, authority and conversions with a website that looks stunning, and is designed to get clicks and sales.

Customize your theme with drag n’ drop design - no need to screw with code or fiddle with widgets.

Live preview shows you how your changes look on people’s computer screens and mobile devices, in real time - speed up your workflow without constantly saving and refreshing your browser.

Works on Mac and PC | No Monthly Fee | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Powerful Review Star Ratings

Simple Social Sharing

Enjoy a diverse set of display types such as floating sidebars, inline buttons, and automatic pop-ups, your visitors can now share your content with ease.

Seamless List Building

Add a beautiful, stylish and non-offensive pop up to collect leads and stop losing traffic!

Pop Up Video Embedding

Embed YouTube or Vimeo video reviews to your website for higher engagement, more trust, and more sales. Video appears inside an unmissable timed pop up (you choose when it appears.)

Automatic Terms And Conditions

Save hours of writing up T&C’s, pasting and formatting other prewritten T&C’s, or hundreds of dollars for lawyers to write them up for you. Automatic Terms and Conditions appear on your review site instantly, complete with your site and company details embedded.

Pre-Written Reviews

Don’t have time to write reviews? Not sure what to promote? Can’t find a niche? No problem! Your ready-made theme comes loaded with 10 professionally written reviews for the hottest offers in hungry niches. Just plug your affiliate ID in, and you’re in business.

Pre-Written Email Sequences

Get 10 professionally written email follow up sequences that build trust and close the sale when somebody signs up for your free newsletter. Enjoy truly passive income, right out the box!

100% Mobile Friendly

Win more sales and subscribers with a website that looks beautiful and truly works on all devices, now and forever.

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Brand New Software Gets Your Videos To The Top Of Google In 48hrs Or Less, Guaranteed!

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Get ready for something so powerful, you’ll fall of your seat in amazement… because you’ve never seen anything like XRanker 360 before.

This is an extremely powerful, premium tool that is guaranteed to get targeted traffic from your review videos…

… by rocketing them to the top of Google in as little as 48hrs — even if you’re clueless about SEO and don’t have time to figure it out!

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So How Does It Work?

Ever heard of YouTube Live events? It’s live video streaming on YouTube… and it’s how we legally “beat the system” to get fast page #1 rankings.

The question is…

How Does Live Streaming
Help You Get Page #1 Rankings?

It’s simple… Google LOVES live video events… especially YouTube live events… because Google owns YouTube.

Live Event Videos Rise To The Top Of Google For Any Keyword You Target In The Title!

The Best Part? You Don’t Even Have To Stream Live!

Yep, it sounds crazy…

… but you can create high ranking YouTube Live events without actually running or streaming the live event, and they STILL RANK in Google!

Which means you can leverage the insane ranking power of live events to rank for any keyword you want in Google…

… without ever having to stream anything on that live event…

… yet STILL get seen and ranked in Google as a live event.

The moment you create a YouTube live event, a public URL is also created automatically at the same time…

… and that URL has the power to shoot right up to Google’s first page without you ever having to do ANYTHING else.

Yep - You Don’t Even Need To Create A Video!

Live events are so powerful, they automatically go to the top of Google, even if you don’t have anything to stream in the video.

Which means you can quickly create a YouTube live event video targeting any keyword you want, test out a bunch of different keywords to see which keywords rank…

… before you even bother creating actual content for your video!

Once your live stream is at the top of Google, you can switch out the content with your “real” affiliate promo video.

Imagine Knowing That Your Video Will Rank In Google, Before You Even Begin?

Forget weeks of keyword research for your video, then optimizing and building backlinks for it, hoping it will get ranked.

Instead, simply pick some keywords and target them in a YouTube Live event, to instantly know which of those keywords will rank your video on page 1 of Google.

Once you know which keywords WILL rank - with 100% certainty - it’s like having an SEO CRYSTAL BALL - saving you tons of wasted time and effort.

And remember…

Once your video is at the top of Google, you can switch out your video with a new video that promotes an affiliate offer!

In other words - you rank first, create a video later!

With X Ranker 360 You Can Do This
In Seconds, Not Hours Or Days…

With X-Ranker 360 …

Once you know which keywords will rank, you’ll be able to choose which video you’d like to insert into your live stream…

… then have that video automatically syndicated with our proprietary syndication system.

Find golden-nugget keywords at the push of a button that deliver you hordes of free targeted visitors that are ready to buy

Rank on page 1 for those keywords by leveraging one of YouTube’s most powerful platform (live events)

Automatically distribute your videos using our proprietary syndication system

Generate thousands of targeted, visitors and affiliate commissions at will

XRanker is the only video marketing tool that guarantees you’ll rank on page 1 of Google, and it’s so powerful, the official RRP is $699.

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If you aren't floored by how easy it is to start building a real powerful review website that attracts real buyers who buy through your affiliate promotions over time…

If you’re not convinced that XRanker 360 is the easiest, fastest way to rank your videos and getting google loves, so you can get tons free organic traffic.

If you don’t agree that ZooWarrior Review Website or Xranker360 can help you fast track your way to a your affiliate success within the next 30 days

…  then we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

Or if you find another affiliate website package that does everything that ZooWarrior Review Website does at an even lower price than what you’re getting it for today… then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period. No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.


This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY chance to get this premium review website and $699 SEO ranking tool for a few measly extra dollars…

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If you want to save WEEKS of hard work, and tons of money trying to build a review website from scratch, find and install all the right plugins, and even create content…

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