Basic Training Level

Video 1 - Welcome Message

Getting started

Who is Han Fan “The Internet Man” and Steve Haase? And why should you listen to us. We’ll briefly discuss our backgrounds and experiences. We will also introduce the course and what to expect through the rest from this course.

Video 2 - What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In this lesson, we will be introducing you to what affiliate marketing is and about and the income possibilities as an affiliate marketer, especially as it relates to the JVZoo marketplace.

Video 3 - Getting Free Traffic

Getting Free Traffic

In this lesson, we will be revealing our best FREE traffic getting strategies.

Video 4 - List Building

List Building

In this lesson, we will discuss our top list building strategies, and show what you need to do to get qualitysubscribers on your list willing to spend money on what you recommend.

The Ultimate Web Traffic Directory -
Best Solo Ad Providers -
Listbuilders JV -
OptIntellegence -
PLR Database -

Video 5 - Promoting Launches

Promoting Launches

In this lesson, we will be showing you where to go to find out about upcoming product launches. How to sign up as an affiliate on the JVZoo platform. How to apply and get approved to promote almost any product from nearly any vendor, even if you’re brand new and have never sold a product yet on JVZoo.

Video 6 - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to write compelling email copy. We’ll cover when is the best time to send emails to your list. Promotional emails vs. informational emails. Email styles such as emotional, storytelling, and logical email styles. Which ones work best and when to use them.

Headlinr -

Email Template: upload this pdf file to your sever, and put direct download link.

Video 7 - Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together

In this lesson, we review what was covered in the previous lessons and tie everything together.

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